Graph description

This graph shows IPv4/IPv6 prefixes originating from KSA and advertised via different DSPs to the Internet. The width of the vertex indicates percentage of best AS path for prefixes originating from/via a given DSP. In general, a thin line means only few prefixes and thick line means many prefixes. Size of prefix is not indicated. The total width of the vertexes belonging to a DSP are normalized and represent 100% of the prefixes advertised via that DSP's AS numbers. The graph does not tell about the count of prefixes advertised via a given DSP. All the data required to generate this graph is taken from the RIPE NCC Route Collectors (RRCs) < > - thank you.

Prefixes seen via DSP
DSP Prefixes
ITC 432
Mobily 681
Atheeb 748
STC 5067